Fire Extinguisher

We can supply and maintain all types of fire extinguishers such as foam or wet chemical extinguishers.
Our fire extinguishers provide premium performance along with clear instructions and ergonomic design for ease of use. So whether you need a powder or CO2 extinguisher or servicing for your current fire extinguishers we can accommodate your needs.
Our range includes extinguishers for most fire risks, including:
• Wet chemical extinguisher
• Special powder extinguishers
• Water fire extinguishers
• Foam fire extinguishers
• Spray fire extinguishers
• CO2 fire extinguishers
Each type of extinguisher is clearly identified by a band of colour indicating the contents, and in line with European standards each extinguisher carries clear fire classification graphics to indicate which type of fire it can be safely used on.
We also offer servicing for all fire extinguishers, ensuring they are entirely safe for use in your premises.